Saturday, March 31, 2018

The OFFSHORE Professional Field Engineer

Courtesy of OFFSHORE Professional
As is often the case, necessity is the mother (or in this case, the father) of invention. This is the OFFSHORE Professional Field Engineer and it is the creation of Lorne Gifford, who is a sub-sea engineer who has earned his living working in some pretty intense environments all around the world.  

A lover of chronographs, Mr. Gifford was frequently disappointed with the somewhat fragile nature of his time keepers and decided that in order to get a watch that would live up to his expectations, he was going to have to build it himself.

Courtesy of OFFSHORE Professional
There was a lot of thought and effort put into bringing this one to reality, so here are the pertinents -
  • 44 mm diameter, 14.5 mm thick, 132 grams on leather composite strap
  • 316L low carbon stainless steel Faraday cage outer case with mechanically isolated rhodium plated Cu inner movement holder
  • Dual sealing on push buttons, triple seals on floating crown, all case components in 316L, 316H or Cr22
  • Three layered shock resistance with mechanically isolated movement and floating crown
  • Perfectly flat single crystal sapphire front & back crystals
  • Anti-reflection vapour coating on inner faces of sapphire crystals
  • Calibre 775M2 movement with 25 jewels and based on the Swiss Valjoux 7750 movement 
  • Anti-magnetic and temperature resistant Be-Cu balance wheel & Co-Ni-Cr-Ti-others alloy hairspring
  • Machined and rhodium plated Cu-Zn main plates, blue head screws
  • Timing to within chronometer standard (4 sec/day, 0.5 sec/
  • Self-winding mechanism with approx 4 hours of normal wear to fully wind & Co-Ni-Cr-Fe-others alloy mainspring
  • In-house self winding rotor with cut out Trident and individual serial number engraved onto rotor arm, rhodium finished
  • 48 hour power reserve, protected against over-winding
  • Hour, minute and 1/8 second chronograph, day and date display
  • Pressure rated to 10 ATM with each watch tested to 12 ATM and the outer case deigned and tested for a collapse pressure of 30 ATM
  • Long term climate tested in the arctic, tropics & deserts 
  • In-house 4 layer dial designed for low-light and harsh-light visibility, electrically continuous with outer case 
  • In-house hands with C1 Super Luminova solid wafers in hour and minute hand and C3 hour markers on dial
  • No luminous markings on sub dial or second hands to ensure clear night time legibility of hour and minute hands
  • All dimensions, layouts and colour shades based on numerical ratios from the Fibonacci sequence
  • Leather strap with profiled natural rubber core and inner anti-sweat lining
  • Fixed departure angle of strap from case to provide maximum comfort and stability on slim as well as thicker wrists
  • 316L stainless steel butterfly-hinge strap clasp with engraved Trident logo
  • 316L stainless steel bracelet with Trident logo deep engraved into butterfly clasp. Adjustable links secured with 316H double headed screw bolts
  • Both the bracelet & strap are included with each watch
  • Leather presentation and travel case suitable for up to 2 watches
  • 2 year Warranty & a Lifetime Guarantee
  • Standard build is with a Tachymeter bezel case, with the Roman Numeral bezel case available as a no cost option

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  1. thanks James, nice piece.

    New website for The Marine Chronometer Company has gone live at New name, but not a new company as I've been building the Field Engineer for 5 years now, and spent another 5 years before that on the engineering, design and prototyping. Very pleased to advise that I haven't managed to break mine so it's life expectancy is already better than any other mechanical watch I've owned, and it does look rather good!