Monday, March 12, 2018

Creation Myths

An interesting week here at Tempus Fugit.  I was forwarded an article by just south of 20 people, several of whom were struck by the similarities between said article and some of mine (which for clarity's sake, ran well before this one).  I have decided that although in this particular case imitation is not necessarily the sincerest form of flattery, there is nothing in the copyright laws to prevent and combat out and out douchebaggery.

But it will interest you to know that my little affront is somewhat small beer.  A friend forwarded me the website of a new brand called Barnaby Campbell.  It would seem that the folks behind the Barnaby Campbell brand are making something somewhat similar to Daniel Wellington in terms of overall design.  In terms of differences, their case is stainless steel and they use a Japanese movement.  And in fairness, there are about a "zillion" other brands popping up like athlete's foot in a damp gym locker room that are positioning themselves to appear just like Daniel Wellington.  But what caught my eye was the "creation story", the recollection of the inspiration for this new brand.  You can read it here:

About Us

It was somewhat reminiscent of the foundation myth from none other than Daniel Wellington:

Our Story

Now maybe it is just me, but there seem to be some peculiar similarities.  

Then again, perhaps I just am not paying enough attention to dashing older Anglo gentlemen sharing their lusty tales of adventure when I am on holiday.

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