Sunday, March 18, 2018

Another Announcement - Minase

Well, it would seem that another announcement is in order -

I have been asked, and gladly accepted the opportunity to work on a freelance basis with Minase.  My projects will mostly be focused on communication, some social media, and potential sales in the North American market place.

Owing to this, while you will still see updates and press releases here on Minase, each of those will be a "just the facts" piece, there will be no opinion from Tempus Fugit.  In addition, each posting will include the clear declaration that James Henderson does, in fact, have a business relationship with the brand. 

In a time where online magazines are blurring the lines between reporting and ecommerce, soliciting and accepting payment or in-kind gifts for coverage, I think it is important to clearly distinguish what exactly it is that you do, and leave no doubt in a reader's mind as to your intentions. 

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