Friday, March 30, 2018

A White Gorilla

This was, for once, a very enjoyable BaselWorld.  It brought a lot of new things to the watch world's attention, but for me personally it prodded me to dig a bit deeper into what some of the new brands were doing.  

You may recall reading about Lukas Gopp and Octavio Garcia (probably coolest first name I've heard in years) venture, Gorilla watches last year -

Here in the US they are well represented by Watch Gauge
and I encourage you to check them out, because they are super-dope!

And yes, even we who write about this stuff are not immune to their charms.  So in terms of what is available right now, I have to say that the RS White has stung me with visceral dart.  It is nothing I can rationally, calmly explain.  It has attached itself to my psyche on a much more emotional level.  With a Rolex GMT you can reason out the interest - history, perceived value, popularity.  But with some watches, and the Gorilla is certainly among them, you are captivated by something far stronger than rationale.  Something speaks to you.  It often speaks in a language or tone that is not immediately clear to everyone else.  But isn't that what makes life interesting?  And this watch speaks to me loudly and clearly -

Courtesy of Gorilla
Desire is a funny thing.  Sometimes you just need to accept and embrace it ; )

A 44 mm case crafted of forged carbon, anodized aluminum,
titanium, ceramic, and steel with a
Miyota 8215 under the hood and rated to be safe and dry down to 100 meters.  

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