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Me too, Time's Up, Floyd Mayweather!

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Hublot will take great pains to tell you how they are "different".  In absolute fairness, Jean-Claude Biver did something pretty remarkable with a slightly under-developed brand when he became involved in its purchase from Carlo Crocco.  It was done with a combination of insight, product awareness, and some pretty dramatic marketing pieces.  And to their credit, Hublot has done some very impressive charitable work. 

Hublot has enjoyed a fair amount of success in what the hipsters in their pork-pie hats refer to as - "disruption".  Of course, these "edgy" boys and girls know about getting attention, but they tend to have nearly zero knowledge of relevant demographics and very real lack of understanding about any demographic out there that does not make its purchases based on ironic detachment - let's be honest, there is no other way to explain "trucker" hats and Pabst Blue Ribbon in a day and age where there is so much good design, and about a million different beers out there that don't taste like they've been filtered through a cat's urinary tract.

But back to today's topic.  I have banged on and on about Hublot's choices of "partners" in the past.  Some have been very good, and very positive.  And some?  Well, not so much.

So in the midst of Me Too and Time's Up, Hublot has made a very odd (and sorry to say, tone-deaf) decision to spend time and money promoting a gentleman with a very troubling past history of alleged domestic violence.

Courtesy of Hublot
Pugilist, raconteur and noted feminist - Floyd Mayweather.

In a partnership that baffles many of us who cover this stuff, Hublot continues to partner with Mr. Mayweather, despite the somewhat overwhelming reporting on Mr. Mayweather's less-than courtly behavior in terms of "dispute resolution" with some of the women in his life.  I cite a very good piece penned by

Why Floyd Mayweather can still box after beating women

This originally ran on August 23 of last year in the  And it one of the most intriguing pieces of coverage on the topic that I have come across. 

Now, in fairness, Hublot has the right to choose whoever they wish for partners.  And I am fairly confident that if an idea got floated through the LVMH halls about potential marketing/PR ideas, if it was sourced back to yours' truly?  The idea would probably be binned right away on general principle ; )   But having said that, I think you get to make mistakes in business, because quite often those mistakes were the result of good intentions and a not completely thought out idea.  But I also think when you continue to do something that offends a large group of people, you are no longer being provocative.  

You're just being sorta' clueless.

But, so that we have a little balance, here is the press release exactly as I received it from Hublot -

The Best Ever
A chronograph for the undefeated

Champion of the Noble Art
Everyone knows I’m crazy about mechanical beauties, especially sparkling watches. So I’m truly proud to see the letters TMT x Hublot glittering on top of my watch. This timepiece means a lot to me, it symbolizes my career, my unbeaten 50-0 record and my last fight when I made history!” 

Floyd "Money" Mayweather, Hublot Ambassador
Five-time world champion Record holder in his discipline with 50 straight wins

“It’s an honour for us to be associated with the Noble Art’s legend of legends. A champion who, in taking his 50th victory, holds the discipline’s record. The Best Ever! 50 victories, no defeats, absolute mastery of an art that requires fighting spirit, bravery, self-transcendence, a sense of honour and keen tactical sense. Avoiding punches, and landing precise, clean and powerful ones, without any doubt, round after round, fight after fight. It’s the perseverance that makes all the difference. A champion in our image first, unique, different!
Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot

Twelve-time, five division undefeated world champion Floyd MoneyMayweather is boxing’s gold. The champion of champions, who reigned supreme for more than two decades, amassing a 50-0 unsurpassed ring record, joined Hublot executives on Saturday in Las Vegas to unveil two new watches created in collaboration with the luxury watch company. Moneyunveiled the Big Bang Unico TMT, an abbreviation of The Money Team” and symbol of the powerful and highly visible logo of Floyd Mayweather’s lifestyle brand!
Hublot Crystals Boutique I Las Vegas I 10 February 2018
On 26th August 2017, Floyd Mayweather, the superstar of boxing, entered the ring at the T-Mobile Arena in style. His black shorts studded with gold displayed “TBE” and “HUBLOT”, two words expressing a single state of mind and one of absolute victory. A creation designed by Sophie Whittam, Director of Fight Label, the ultimate luxury boxing shorts and clothing brand. The talented designer chose black and gold to symbolise the athlete’s iconic and timeless character. She created an illustration representing Floyd on his own $1 million note. Cut out of gold leaf, the design was applied by hand onto matte-black lambskin. The belt cut out of suede and brilliant black python is embroidered with Swarovski crystals.

Shorts symbolising connections and a record!
Hublot x Mayweather; the story of this “knockout” partnership began in 2015 at The Fight of the Centurypitting Floyd against Manny Pacquiao. For the first time, Money sported the name of the brand on his boxing shorts. In 2017, for “The Money Fight” against Conor McGregor, Mayweather wore Hublot on his belt once again. 

These shorts have become the emblem of the legend of legends,
sealing his 50th straight win! Shorts that naturally became the focus of the design of the Big Bang Unico TMT, Hublot have even used the setting where the fight took place to unveil its two limited editions. 

BIG BANG UNICO TMT The Game Changer – “The watch of all wins”
The Big Bang Unico TMT adorns its winning outfit with a strap in black calf leather enhanced with python and gold studs, transposing the codes of the famous shorts worn by Mayweather during his latest fight. The boxing champion’s gold appears in the details of the two watches. For the first time, 3N-gold-incrusted carbon fiber dresses the watch from its case to its bezel. This is a unique composite material; gold powder is manually inserted into the carbon fiber layers before being compressed. At 12 o’clock, the watch proudly displays the 3 letters TMT in appliqué. The sapphire case back bears the champion’s ultimate inscription,


TBE, The Best Ever. Released in a limited edition of 100 pieces, the Big Bang Unico TMT is also available in 10 numbered editions set entirely in 3N gold. The flange, bezel, case, counters, index and three golden TMT letters sparkle beneath the light of 48 baguette-cut diamonds and 378 brilliant-cut diamonds for a carat weight of 4.85. 

Two invincible watches delivered with a boxing glove signed by the all-time champion. 

Big Bang Unico TMT! What’s your next challenge?

Courtesy of Hublot


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