Thursday, February 22, 2018

Juventus and Hublot

I do love Juventus.  There, I've said it.  

Courtesy of Hublot

And Hublot partnering with them is pretty neat.  But football, at the moment, is not in good health.  So I want to take the time this morning to comment on football - IMPORTANT - NOT HUBLOT or JUVENTUS, and then share the news of this exciting new release from Hublot.  Again - the comments on FOOTBALL, FIFA, etc. are NOT directed at Hublot or Juventus.  Having said that, I think they are important to take into account when we talk about big money partnerships.

So I need to start out with a statement that might not make me so popular in certain circles in Switzerland.  FIFA is an incredibly shady organization, football (soccer) for better or worse is more and more ceasing to be the people's game, and more and more a play thing for the wealthy and their corrupt cronies.  I personally am frustrated with the number of people who are losing their lives (worst case) and living in virtual indentured servitude) best case in the service of constructing the stadiums and infrastructures for the World Cup in Qatar.  For some alternative views on football's current ills, I would refer you to:

I am partway through this, and it reminds me that football is a powerful game which captivates so many around the world, and is frequently used for predators to, well, prey on the innocent.

And The Ugly Game -

Courtesy of Amzon
A pretty damming commentary on just where all that Adidas, McDonald's, Coca-Cola and Visa sponsorship money really winds up.  It ain't grass roots development in third world countries.

Okay, stepping off the soap box ; )

 But will make my annual suggestion/request for Hublot -

If Hublot really loves football - and I believe that they do, could they create a fund, an annual award to support youth grass roots football programs that REALLY need the money.  Yes, I know, you can't do and fix everything. But I am saying there is a small thing that could be done that would have a wonderful impact, encourage other companies to participate, and would provide some wonderful public relations ; )

Because if I am honest, in a sport that is so frustrating to support, I have been, am, and will continue to be a fan of ‘La Vecchia Signora’ or ‘The Old Lady’.  Otherwise known as Juventus.

My love affair with Juventus started with Michel Platini (granted, our heroes sometimes lose their luster in retirement, and sometimes make very bad choices), who in the 1980s played football with the passion, freedom and confidence that is found in a true artist.

And prior to that, another hero of mine - Paolo Rosi -

Shamelessly borrowed from the world-wide infoweb
To be controversially banned from football, and then called up in the 25th hour to put the Italian national side on his back and carry them to the final against West Germany in 1982?  That is the stuff of legend.

And today, Hublot celebrates Juventus with their latest offering -

Courtesy of Hublot

This is the Classic Fusion Chronograph Juventus.

Courtesy of Juventus

Here are the pertinents -



45 mm

Polished and satin-finished black ceramic

Black PVD titanium and black carbon fiber insert
White composite resin lower bezel

Water Resistant:
5 ATM (50 m)

Black sunray satin-finished,
with “Juventus Football Club” logo printed at 3.00

HUB1143 caliber, self-winding Chronograph movement

Power reserve:
42 hours

White rubber and black alligator with white stitching

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