Thursday, January 4, 2018

The Vintage Bleu

From Berthet -

Courtesy of Berthet

Now granted, many of you may have been acquainted with Berthet long ago, but I will put on the funny looking hat and stand in the corner, this is a new one for me.

And any watch company with an elephant as part of the branding has my vote ; )

I will be very honest, most of the info available on Berthet is in French and some of the specifics are still somewhat elusive to me but what has been explained to me by the folks at Berthet is that they are based in Villers-le-Lac, France.  They offer watches with Swiss movements and some others with French.  

As I understand it, cases and some parts of the 16 line movement are produced in Charmauvillers.

This particular model is the Vintage Bleu.  It is a hand wound model -

Courtesy of Berthet

Perhaps most interesting is the price point.  This particular model is priced at 412.50€ if I have read the information correctly.

I have reached out and hope to be able to do a review at some point if the folks at Berthet are game.  Stay tuned ; )

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