Saturday, December 9, 2017

The 5 Windows

From Minase -
Courtesy of Minase
Now to be fair, I know precious little about Minase.  But what I've seen so far, I do like.  And I like it because in an horological world of conformity, Minase has a very clear idea about what they are trying to accomplish.  Their concept of the "case within a case" is an unflinching statement about just who Minase are and what they stand for.   It's about structure, but not just structure for structure's sake.  There is a reason to their rhyme.  

Courtesy of Minase
In the case of the 5 Windows, it is not just to show what's inside.  Honestly?  Anyone can do that.  How many cheesy, half-assed, under-cooked, pseudo skeletonized watches are out there?  You can't count that high.  And ultimately all of these are just half-hearted efforts.  Yes, there is a display back, maybe the dial has been removed, but it really doesn't show you anything special.  The 5 Windows does something unique.  

You've all seen the "exploded" view of a watch?  Sure you have.  And it might just be little me, but this is the first time I've actually seen a watch that took all of that feeling, energy and emotion, and put it into a watch where you got that sense of "floating structure".

The 5 Windows is available in 18K yellow and rose gold, or palladium.  That means something.  These are metals that you use for a watch that is not just going to be bought and sold.  This is the stuff you make something permanent with.

So I haven't seen one in person, but now I really, really want to.  

Here are the pertinents, straight from the source in Akita-Ken:

Exclusively made in palladium, black PVD or 18K yellow and rose gold. Dual spherical box type sapphire crystal ( non reflective coating ) on top, see though case back and sides with sapphire crystals ( 9, 2 and 4 H ). Water resistant up to 50 meters ( 5 ATM ).
Dimensions : 38 x 46.5 mm. Thickness : 14.0 mm. Weight : 160 g.

KT7001/1, power reserve 38 hours. Swiss ebauches customized by MINASE with hand-made polishing and "perlage" on plates and bridges.

HiZ concept with individual components to become a 3-dimensional dial.
Together with the movement and the hands, this structure consists an independent entity inside the case.

Hours, minutes and central second hands. Date at 4.

Genuine alligator strap manufactured by hand at Minase factory.

"Jewelry" solid palladium or 18 K gold buckle.

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