Thursday, November 9, 2017

The New Klokers

I am generally not one to wax on about a current Kickstarter.  But in all honesty the latest from Klokers is pretty beguiling. 

It is not every plucky little start-up that can have the type of response the second time around that Klokers has, but this is a pretty impressive launch, and clearly sends the message that Klokers is not a one hit wonder.  With 28 days to go the Kloker's Kickstarter has already raised just over $425,000. 

Courtesy of Klokers

Two additional versions have been added as stretch goals -

*  Warm Gray and Peacock Blue dial with a 3N gold plated 316L stainless steel case
*  Dove Gray and Warm Gray dial with 316L stainless steel case

I personally still have my eye on the black -
Courtesy of Klokers
And the red -

Courtesy of Klokers
Counting the minutes till next September ; )

You can, if you are so inclined, access the Kloker's Kickstarter 
here -

Kloker's Kickstarter

Enjoy your watches!

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