Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Introducing Eluxio

Ever wonder why we all know who Jean-Claude Biver is, but probably have no idea who the product president for Crest toothpaste is?  More people use Crest than own Hublots, Zeniths, or even Tag Heuers.  In fact, I am willing to wager that more people use Crest toothpaste in the US than follow (or more appropriately, obsess about) watches.

To quote Barry Hearn - It's about passion!  And thank goodness that there has been a recent burst of new watches, as-yet under reported brands and truly passionate people fighting an ongoing battle to bring their ideas to life in a market place that is increasingly surrounded by the horological equivalent of Big Box Stores.  And when you find Omega, Tag Heuer and Breitling at Costco, that only serves to underscore the point.

And one of those new brands doing things their own way?  Eluxio -

Courtesy of Eluxio
Eluxio is the creation of Osvaldo Marzo, someone who trained as a goldsmith, but finds joy and creative opportunity in making his own watches.  

Okay, so what?  Plenty of people have tried to launch their own brands.   Well, fair enough.  

But how many people craft:
* cases

* crown

* dial with applied indexes

* Hands (hours, minutes, seconds)

* ring movement block

* buckle


And here's a little inside baseball for you - the majority of the big dogs certainly don't, they order cases from case manufacturers.  The same for dials, hands, pretty much everything except the user manuals... wait, they job those out too!

And if we are being very, very honest about it, this is how the watch industry has worked for years.  One of the great perks for many CEOs and other upper-echelon folks is the, how do I put this gently, largess provided by eager parts suppliers in the hopes of securing orders.  

Well, we all need a side hustle ; )

Courtesy of Eluxio
So it is not just refreshing, but revelatory to see something honest, sincere and truly made with an attention to the personal involvement of the watch maker.  And that is just what Mr. Marzo has delivered with his Eluxio watches.

Courtesy of Eluxio
According to Mr. Marzo, CNC plays no part in the creation of the constituent parts of Eluxio watches.

Courtesy of Eluxio
The dials are created on a lathe, are micro sand blasted with a lovely level of satin finishing.

The case and crown are milled from Staybrite 1.4435 WCQ.

Courtesy of Eluxio
The movements are not "manufacture".  And in fairness, for a watch that is made one at a time, only upon order and at a price of 2450 Euro (VAT included), it would be unrealistic to expect this.  The movement is the manually wound Sellita SW216-1, a movement found in many much more expensive watches using factory supplied cases, dials, hands and crowns ; )

Courtesy of Eluxio
So, no big name "friends of the brand", no splashy red carpets, and no bullshit.  Just an honest, unique and hand created watch.

Now I know as well as anyone that we all respond to brands.   We all hear dog whistles, and many of us respond.  But if you want something made one at a time, by hand?  This might be in your wheelhouse.  It certainly is in mine.

Here are the pertinents, straight from the source -

Courtesy of Eluxio

Dial Arcum Grey: grey rhodium and gold-plated.
Indexes are gold-plated and white rhodium plated and applied manually.  The hands are gold-plated.

Courtesy of Eluxio
Dial Arcum Classic: white and grey rhodium-plated.
Indexes are gold-plated and thermally hand blueing and applied manually.  The hands are thermally hand blued.

Courtesy of Eluxio

Dial Arcum Rosé: Rosé gold and grey rhodium-plated.
Indexes are white rhodium-plated and thermally blueing and applied manually.  The hands are thermally hand blued.

The case and the crown are made by milling and filings in Staybrite 1.4435 WCQ (watch case quality).

* case measures: 47mm (lug to lug) x 38mm (without crown) x 9,2mm
* case and crown are equipped with rubber seals.
* sapphire crystal on the bezel and on the back.
* waterproof 3bar

Strap made from Genuine Ostrich leather and are handmade in Germany.

The movement is the Sellita SW216-1 manual winding Spécial (Elaboré), Rhodium finish, with blue screws, Genva cut and perlage, 28´800 V/h,24 jewels , 42h running time , stop-second device.

Eluxio watches are manufactured only on order (they are not ready in stock).

Your watch will be ready for shipping 5 to 6 week after ordered and paid.

* 2 years warranty.
* Each piece is numbered.
* price : 2450- € (incl. German VAT). Price for NO-EU-Countries 2060,- € + custom payments(import duty/taxes) + shipping costs.

Courtesy of Eluxio


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