Wednesday, November 8, 2017


Here at Tempus Fugit we are constantly looking for ways to make life easier for brand managers, marketing and PR directors and hey - even the other outlets!  

Ever wonder how a brand that has been around for YEARS becomes relevant once or twice a year?  Not unlike some folks who attend church on Christmas and Easter, these brands rocket into relevance according to a few outlets out there who will poo-poo 90% of the rest of the watch news out there, but this tends to happen with strange frequencies.  For those of us who cover this business it is not at all mysterious that Brand X suddenly becomes topical.  It is not the result of a particularly beguiling press release or the retention of a new PR company.  It comes down to money.  If you pay, your brand can play.

And it is clear that there are several newcomers out there who suspect that this is a legitimate way for the world to work.  In fairness, if a brand reaches out to an outlet and instead of seeing their watch get written about, they get sent a rate sheet... 
why should this fledgling brand owner/manager think that the world works any differently?  This is borne out by the emails I sometimes get asking first for coverage, followed by a question as to how much it will cost.

It seems like there is a solution that could be created to help ease the tension and discomfort of those awkward conversations back and forth, the awkward pause over that second cocktail when Brand A asks just how much it will cost to be covered by watch Outlet X.  But worry no longer, there is a solution!  

And that solution is Instafan!

Instafan is an app that would be available for both iOS and Android, designed specifically to address this issue.  Influencers and media hustlers will never have to worry about sending those awkwardly worded invoices that mention things like "package". Invoices that delicately dance around the thing that is actually being invoiced for.  And Instafan will be easy to use!  Simply, download the Instafan app onto your phone.  The influencers and outlets will pay a small fee to participate as a preferred vendor (a modest 10%).  Let's say, for example, that the pr manager of Brand A wants Outlet X to write about their new releases, they simply select Outlet X on the menu, scroll through the various pricing options for "packages" and click the "Pay me now, chump!" button.  The money will be instantly wired from Brand A's account and into the waiting pockets of Outlet X, making Outlet X an Instafan of Brand A!  

Well, an Instafan for at least as long as the terms of the package that Brand A purchased ; )

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