Friday, November 3, 2017

Influencers, Paid Content, And Why It's So Hard To Get Out Of A Trick Bag

This is yet another public service announcement to the shot-callers in the industry. 

As mentioned before, it continues to be a problem where brands continue to be hoodwinked by outlets promising MEGA exposure with what can at best be described as "augmented" readership.  As I realize that this is a blog read by people in non - English speaking countries:
adjective: augmented
  1. 1.
    having been made greater in size or value.
    "augmented pensions for those retiring at 65"
Or what in the US is sometimes referred to as "playing with Confederate money."  Influencers and two or three masters of the art of bloviation have managed to get several otherwise rationally thinking brands safely ensconced in their trick bags. 

verb: bloviate; 3rd person present: bloviates; past tense: bloviated; past participle: bloviated; gerund or present participle: bloviating
  1. talk at length, especially in an inflated or empty way  
A scheme, manipulation, or situation that seemed legitimate, honest and/or innocent, at first. Usually referred to at time when it may or may not be too late to avoid the full consequences and/or embarrassment.
These chuckleheads have not only convinced the brands to lavish them with advertising money, destination travel, tickets to car races, movie premiers and sporting events - but then upped the ante insisting on thinly disguised "exclusives" of new releases for their outlets.  Think about that for a minute Mr. and Ms. Watch Brand Boss... you are PAYING EXTRA to get less exposure because you are PAYING one outlet and giving them an exclusive. 

As a site that accepts no paid advertising, it is nothing I'll ever have to worry about contemplating.  But to you guys and gals calling the shots on advertising and marketing - stop kidding yourselves.  This is basic math.  You are paying EXTRA to reach fewer readers and outlets.  

I know that this is a RADICAL idea, but just think about it -

By all means, buy advertising.  But consider that buying advertising should INCREASE, not DECREASE your exposure.  Advertising should not impede you from getting as much coverage as you can - EVEN WITH OUTLETS YOU DON'T PAY.  Why should you pay an outlet to get LESS coverage?  I mean, seeing as you're spending the money and all, shouldn't you actually, I don't know, grow your market?

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