Thursday, October 12, 2017

You Can Go Home Again

A bit about me.  1n 1985 I was seventeen years old, getting ready to start my final year of high school.  My father had remarried and the polite way to reflect back on that time would be to say that his new wife was not a fan of the family that came with her new husband.  Owing to this I moved back to my hometown and was spending the remainder of my summer working at the now (I am assuming) defunct Selenti's Pizza (Oberlin), living on my own and (not always successfully) trying to take control of my life and my future.  And about that time, two of my friends came back from summer vacation with some pretty nifty SWATCH watches.  And I became fairly obsessed.  So I saved up some pizza money, returned some soda bottles, and off I went to the Midway Mall (another long forgotten relic to another time) and did my best to choose.  And I chose this one -

Shamelessly borrowed from Squiggly
The Calypso Diver.  You can, I believe, still purchase an original Calypso Diver from the good folks at Squiggly in the Netherlands.  SQUIGGLY SITE

Spoiler alert - I managed, despite my best efforts, to graduate Oberlin High School in 1986.  From there a misfire at Slippery Rock University, then off to the University of Oregon.  And that Swatch Calypso Diver made the journey with me.  It saw me through high school graduation, it traveled to the Marshall Islands, and made sure (as best it could) that I got to the majority of my classes at U of O on time.

Somewhere along the way, that SWATCH was lost.  And I got older and my tastes evolved to other watches.  A Tag Heuer F1 (red and green rubber), a yellow Omega Speedmaster Schumacher, and perhaps my all-time favorite - an Eterna Super KonTiki 50th Anniversary.  Plenty of other SWATCHES came to me as they are fun, and my wife Wendy has a great eye for picking out a fun SWATCH.  But I always felt a bit of wistfulness about the absence of the Calypso Diver.  It had, in many ways, marked the beginning of my adult life.  It saw me through the type of dramatic highs and lows that only a particularly self-absorbed person can experience ; )

And then, 32 years later, SWATCH has brought out this sweet 
baby -

This is the Hamarace from SWATCH.  And yes, gentlereader, you can go home again. 

But more and more, I have come to learn that home is not necessarily a question of where you're from, it's a statement about where you're at.

Enjoy your watches!

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