Friday, October 27, 2017

Thursday Field Trip

So yesterday found me at Bunker Hill Community College attending a talk given by Kareem Abdul Jabbar -

It was interesting, engaging and thought provoking.  I highly recommend his book - Coach Wooden and Me, and apparently his latest book will be out in November.

But this was actually more of a personal journey for me.  One that started back in 1976/1977 if memory serves me correctly.  My father was at a work convention in Milwaukee, and apparently the Los Angeles Lakers were in town - staying at the same hotel.  He was not able to get an autograph, but came home with the story of being in the same elevator with, according to him, "the best basketball player ever".

Well, about 40 years later...

I had imagined this moment in mind a lot over these last 4 decades.  

What would I say?  

What would he say?

"Is it big enough?"

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