Friday, October 6, 2017

The Spring is the Thing

So some interesting news from the folks at Schwarz Etienne.  Their sister company, E20 Innovations has emerged as one of the very few companies capable of manufacturing and supplying hair springs and balance wheels.  Now while certain people working at marketing their movements will assert that the hair springs and the balance wheels are somehow, minor considerations to the overall construction of a watch movement, I think the majority of people out there who actually work on these things, I don't know... professionally, will beg to differ.  Simply put, you actually need this stuff to make the movement actually work.

So it is welcome news that there is a new option out there from E20 Innovations -

Courtesy of E20
A bit about E20 -

E2O Innovations is a company specialized in the manufacture of watch assortments and specifically of hairsprings, balances, pallets and moving parts of the escapement. Following the launch of its activity in early 2014 and after three and a half years of R&D and fine-tuning, its cutting-edge machinery, savoir-faire and innovative concepts now enable the company to develop and produce customized balances, adapted and optimized according to the specific needs of its customers whether large or small scale.

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