Saturday, October 14, 2017

Something New from F.P. Journe

This is Chronomètre Holland & Holland. Although I personally am not a big fan of shotguns and other "shooting irons", I will say that having taken the time to dig into the details on this watch and how it came to be?  It is a partnership in this limited series that does actually make some sense.

And it is a pretty swell watch -

Courtesy of F.P. Journe
The dial is crafted from the barrels of two guns belonging to gunsmith Holland & Holland's archive.  These barrels were crafted from Damascus steel.  It was clearly a true collaboration, with Holland and Holland cutting the barrels, sending the material to F.P. Journe who then had their dial makers, “Les Cadraniers de Genève” create the dials.  These dials were then sent back to Holland & Holland for a technique known (apparently) as "browning" or "being browned".  This technique apparently highlights and protects the finish of the Damascus steel.

The result is a truly unique and good looking watch.

Courtesy of F.P. Journe
And it is truly unique and limited, and if you want to get one?  Well, just as not everybody gets to go to Harvard, if you want one of these very unique F.P. Journes, you'll have to apply.  Here are the details, straight from the source -

The exclusive Limited Series

The two antique Holland & Holland barrels, bearing the serial numbers 1382 (38 dials) and 7183 (28 dials), only allowed for the making of dials that will never exist in any other watch. The Chronomètre Holland & Holland is accessible to F.P. Journe and Holland & Holland collectors through an application process.

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