Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The 4D Concrete Watch

From 22

Every now and then you get reminded that just because a big brand half-assed an idea and did it poorly, it doesn't necessarily make it a bad idea.

Regular readers will recall that Hublot offered a wildly overpriced concrete dial watch as part of a collaborative effort with a notable artist.  In fairness to the folks in Nyon, they are not going to hit every pitch out of the park.  

Enter the 4D Concrete Watch from 22 -
Courtesy of 22
There have been several watch offerings over the past 17 years (that is as long as I've been following these things anyway), of watches that have gone deep in design to create and offer a watch with depth, contour and a sense of the tactile under the crystal.  Some have done better than others.  

With the newest offering from 22, I think that there might finally be a mechanical watch that goes beyond simple concept and (at least based on the images provided) appears to deliver. 
Courtesy of 22
What is intriguing is the attention to the construction of the dial itself.  There have been other efforts to use concrete and other non-traditional materials, but they have really not been all that they could be.  Focusing more upon the fact that the dial is made of a non-traditional material, rather than using that non-traditional material to make something unique.  
Courtesy of 22
But that is just what it seems 22 has managed to do with the 4D.

The 4D will be available on Kickstarter shortly - stay tuned!

Courtesy of 22

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  1. 4D Concrete Watch Automatic from 22 Design Studio is now LIVE on Kickstarter!