Saturday, September 2, 2017

Introducing NOWA

A new smart/connected watch will be hitting the market place in the next few weeks, and it looks set to be a strong contender in a somewhat befuddled market space.

Courtesy of NOWA
And in fairness, a great deal of this befuddlement has been down to over-promising and under-delivering on features beyond the basics found in a Withings.  Promising seemingly exotic functions ceases to be relevant when said features and functions don't work.  So in fairness, as of right now?  The choices are still either getting a Apple/Android watch or getting a connected watch that will give you sleep, steps,  possibly a second time zone.  

And it seems that more and more, that is what is realistic and also what is needed and wanted right now. 

Courtesy of NOWA
NOWA is going to try to push the envelope a bit further by offering a few features found in other, more expensive connected watches, such as the ability to take a selfie with a push of the crown, an alert to an incoming call, and a feature to locate a lost phone.  This last feature was also promised by Kronaby, and in my test experience worked initially, but following a few weeks it did not, and no amount of contact to customer support was able to correct it.

Now to a certain extent, there are several watches out there that will offer these features, but many will come at a higher cost.  And the ones that come in at, or under this amount are somewhat lacking in the aesthetic department.

Courtesy of NOWA
One other thing that NOWA did that was a few steps ahead of the others?  They realized that the watch, in and of itself, did not need to come in multiple sizes.  Their take was simple and to the point - one size fits all with a few variations.  Without the need to create multiple sizes and case designs, they have streamlined their supply chain.  You can have stainless, gold finish or black.  And the other smart idea (which is really simple when you think about it)?  Quick change straps.

The battery life is somewhat limited - 8 months when in use.  But on the plus side, it does not require nightly recharging.

And the price might finally fit the ideal sweet spot -

Pre-orders will cost $149, and the proposed retail is $199 (for stainless), slightly higher for black or gold finish.

Here are the pertinents -

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