Thursday, August 3, 2017

What Watch Did The Cannibal Wear?

Cycling is a passion of mine.  And while I think it is great that there are technological advancements, and that more and more people are following the Tour de France, I find myself wishing for an earlier time.  A time when there was no such thing as "specializing" in the Tour de France.  In other words, the very idea of riding a somewhat "kinder, gentler" schedule was anathema.  Riders like Merckx, Moser, Hinault?  They'd call it candy-assed.

So while modern day cyclists seem to have a strange attraction to the Breitling B55... 

I personally want to know what the men who wore wool and rode steel would have put on their wrist.  

And I finally have a bit of an answer -

Courtesy of Rodania
It would seem that on more than a few occasions, Mr. Merckx wore a Rodania.

Shamelessly borrowed from Ebay
So while today's water carriers prefer an antenna equipped wristwatch, the all time champion wore a Rodania.

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