Sunday, August 20, 2017

They Might Be Giants

Every now and then there are topics beyond watches here at Tempus Fugit.  Pens are one of those items that, when dressed up by the wordsmiths in PR are magically transformed into "writing instruments".  And I suppose when you drop a week or two worth of pay on something, you are looking for it to become a bit more transcendent than merely utilitarian.

But what this has really succeeded in doing, is creating a vacuum in the pen industry.  While the great and the good focus on creating rare and beautiful vessels for holding ink (and maybe occasionally writing), these very expensive objects, in many instances, become just that.  Objects.  They are too expensive, often too delicate to ever dream of writing with.
Courtesy of Kaweco
Enter Kaweco

Spending more than my fair share of time trying to craft story lines and narratives to fit the needs of my clients, I have a fairly sensitive bullshit meter.  And while the words "writing instrument" do make the odd appearance here and there on the Kaweco website, the Kaweco approach is actually quite refreshing.  Pens for NORMAL people, who might actually use them.

And despite the opinions of certain watch company CEOs and over indulged PR mavens, I like to think that I am a normal person.

So normal that I picked this little communication tool yesterday -

This is the Kaweco CLASSIC Sport in brushed aluminum.  An honest pen made from honest materials for (I hope) an honest writer ; )

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