Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Two Years Later Review

I am trying something new here at Tempus Fugit.  There are plenty of reviews of brand new watches.  And that makes sense, brands need to get their new products out in front of the public.  But as we all know, not all romances stand the test of time.  That watch that excited you early on?  Maybe over time you grew apart, maybe your wants and needs evolved in different directions.  It is sad when a fiery romance burns out.

So the idea is this - I've reached out to a few brands about reviewing a previously worn, used and loved watch from their collection to see how it looks and feels a few years down the road.

The first brand to come back to me was Bell & Ross who sent me their BR126 GT from 2015.  I will be wearing this time keeper for the next week, and will be back to you with my honest, unvarnished opinion.

Stay tuned!

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