Saturday, August 12, 2017

Doing Good - Todd & Marlon

Courtesy of Todd & Marlon
Todd & Marlon are a New York based watch brand that are working with EMERGENCY USA to help aid their tireless efforts.

The deal is pretty straight forward - if you use the special order code:  EMERGENCY when ordering a Todd & Marlon watch on their site -
not only will you receive 10% off the purchase of your Todd & Marlon watch -

Courtesy of Todd & Marlon
But there's more.  I will let the folks from Todd & Marlon explain it in their own words -

Todd & Marlon will further extend support by pledging 10% of profits made through code-applied sales to EMERGENCY.
So here is your opportunity to purchase the Todd & Marlon Dean Martin limited edition (pictured above), and to help Todd & Marlon help EMERGENCY USA.

Here is some info on what your purchase will be going to assist, straight from the folks at EMERGENCY USA:

What we do

By building high-quality, sustainable medical centers (rather than temporary or minimal-care facilities), EMERGENCY partners with the local population in war-torn and impoverished communities to provide healthcare services that reach beyond walls to heal communities.

Since 1994 EMERGENCY teams have provided assistance to over 7,000,000 people, and trained over 10,000 medical professionals.


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