Monday, July 17, 2017

Something to be Envious of!

Sometimes something really cool comes along that as a watch fan pretty much knocks you on your backside.  It is unique, fun and so unexpected it hits you between the eyes like a two-by-for. 

Courtesy of Isotope
I have written before about the Isotope Rider, but I keep finding myself coming back to the website to see if there are any new updates.
Courtesy of Isotope
The watch itself is beautiful.  But I have to say that I am also taken by the whimsical nature of the color codes and the naming convention for the different models.  The Rider model you are looking at is called the Envy Green.  It is the perfect melding between color (a big plus for me) and subtle elegance.

Whereas some new, micro brands will go cheap and cheerful (and there is nothing wrong with that), to create a fun product at a bargain price, the Isotope is clearly a labor of love.  A watch that has been dreamt up by someone who has a very, very clear vision about what he wants in a watch, and he is clearly unwilling to compromise on the quality of the product.

Courtesy of Isotope
This is clear from the dial color code, to the jumping hour function, to the case design with the flush fitting crown... all the way to the watch strap -

Courtesy of Isotope
black or brown on the outside, orange leather on the inside.  And you'll notice that there is a quick release spring bar so that you can change your straps easily.  

In other words, a lot of attention has been paid to the little things that pretty much any watch fan has wished for at one time or another.
Courtesy of Isotope
So stay tuned, we'll be covering this one closely!

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