Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Dear Corum - YES, It's Too Soon

Okay, I know that Switzerland is, allegedly, neutral.  I know that being cheeky can be fun and a clever way to pitch an idea.  I mean, I like to poke fun too!


Given the current tensions in the US and UK, I honestly do NOT think that your choice of names for your recent Bubble press release was really that well thought out.

The level of tension currently in the US regarding the political situation and leadership of the country is at an all time high.  People who have been friends for years are no longer talking to each other, and regardless of which side of the rapidly expanding cultural and political divide you find yourself, it is safe to say that you wish that things were different.

While I realize that this was meant to be a clever jab, it really is a bit too far.

Shamelessly borrowed from the worldwide infoweb
I truly do like Corum and I love the Bubble, but I think all things being equal, following the controversy of retaining Booba, the incredibly tacky "Make Corum Great Again" hats intentionally designed to resemble the then candidate (now President) Trump's headgear that were being handed out at BaselWorld, and now this?


that is just my opinion, and in the interest of avoiding being accused of not reporting fairly, or spreading "fake news", here is the press release exactly as I received it -

Courtesy of Corum

Bubble America First & Bubble Brexit  
In Bubble We Trust

Flag flying high, America's greatness takes centre stage. Corum introduces a proud and independent Bubble. On Stars & Stripes, the colours of the New World are on majestic display for Independence Day. In God We Trust, In Bubble We Trust. 

This "4th of July", Corum is giving prominence to those colours associated with the land of Uncle Sam. True to the grandeur and power of the country, the La Chaux-de-Fonds watch brand has chosen to immortalise not one, but two nations on its dial.
This is how the United Kingdom’s tricolour flag also came to be represented on the dial, suitably enlarged thanks to the legendary magnifying effect of the Bubble’s sapphire crystal.
In keeping with the bubble style unique to Corum, the Swiss watchmaker proudly exhibits the colours of both nations, united in their exceptional power.

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