Sunday, July 16, 2017

Another American Brand Emerges

Meet VERO, from my one-time hometown - Portland!

Courtesy of Vero
VERO is the latest brand to throw their hat into the every expanding ring of American based watch companies. 
Courtesy of Vero
Based in Stumptown (that's Portland to you), they are offering four variations of what might best be described as field watches.  This first series is known as the Verus.
Courtesy of Vero
The cases are stainless steel with a solid (not display) case back.  They measure 42 mm in diameter (I believe.  The spec sheet is a wee bit confusing).  
Courtesy of Vero
It is time only with a small second display at 9 o'clock.
The movement is the Eterna Caliber 39.  There are two DLC versions and two standard stainless.  

It is a nice watch and a fine first effort.  When we get to the price point, it might be apt to put a few people off, as it weighs in at  $2,900 for the stainless, and a robust $3,400 for the DLC version.

My understanding is that the cases are made in the US, and the dials are made "in house".  So, in fairness, if you are subcontracting someone out there to make cases for you, this can be a wee bit cost prohibitive.  And Eterna, as many US based watch brands can relate, has not yet grasped the concept of price elasticity, so it is safe to say that this choice of movement ensures a certain premium in terms of pricing.

Rather than getting into the right or wrong of the pricing strategy, I think it is fair to say that this is a watch that will have both its fans and detractors out there.  

And as with all new offerings, it is safe to say that the jury is not in yet.  So I will keep an eye out and an ear open, and say welcome to the game VERO!

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