Thursday, July 27, 2017

A US Based Watch Brand You May Not Know

Allow me to introduce you to Berkbinder & Brown -

Courtesy of Berkbinder & Brown
Berkbinder & Brown is the creation of Ted Brown.  When a major personal and professional milestone stirred the interest in a new watch, Mr Brown was left somewhat underwhelmed by the options.  While some were certainly nice, they seemed somewhat over priced.  As is often the case with new products, Mr. Brown rolled up his sleeves and decided to make his own.

Courtesy of Berkbinder & Brown

So with his new one of a kind watch on his wrist, he found himself asked more and more if he could, (and more importantly) would make one for them.  

Courtesy of Berkbinder & Brown
This had not really been the plan, but after enough people expressed their desire for one of his watches, Ted relented and the rest is history. 

What I found interesting in speaking with Ted was his openness and willingness to talk not only about the inspiration for his growing company, but the origins of some key components.  This has been a topic that a few self-promoting "down-home" brands will refuse to give any background on, relying instead upon earnest, bushy-bearded hipsters to keep buying their "American Crafted Timepieces".  
If I'm honest, what I like about the Berkbinder & Brown watches is that you would probably not be inclined to refer to them as a "Timepiece". 
Courtesy of Berkbinder & Brown

These are watches!

I will be going deeper on Berkbinder & Brown and break down the various models in the near future.  But some food for thought -
the cases are made in the US, as are the straps and significant other parts of the watch.  The movements are ETA. We will be bringing you the full rundown shortly, so stay tuned!

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