Thursday, July 13, 2017

A Brand Ambassador Will Fix EVERYTHING!

So that we are clear:

1.  Eterna by all accounts was in "not exactly great" financial condition just before BaselWorld.  Checks were written, suppliers paid, and FRESHLY minted Eterna CEO David Traxler assured one and all at BaselWorld that everything was just fine.

2.  Two short months later?  Mr. Traxler is out of both Eterna, and the brand he was originally hired to guide - Corum.

3.  It slowly emerges that A LOT OF MONEY has been lost at Eterna.  A LOT OF MONEY.

4.  As is inevitable, layoffs begin to happen, and other functions are absorbed into the sister company - Corum.

So of course, what better time to announce a new brand ambassador!

I am certainly not making any claims to be the smartest guy out there, but this is a PR move that lays bare the fundamental disconnect that has consistently dogged Eterna.  An absolute failure to recognize, understand and adapt to the reality of the situation they are in.  It also underscores a bit of a cavalier attitude towards their (now) departed employees.  I am sure it will give them a nice warm and fuzzy feeling reading about this new partnership as they wait in line at the unemployment office to fill out paperwork....

So, from the Bureau of Completely Misguided PR Moves -

Courtesy of Eterna
Fabio Scherer was announced as a "chum" of the brand towards the end of June.  So while several customers were left chasing their tails in an attempt to confirm that the bronze KonTiki watch that they had pre-ordered would actually be delivered, young Master Scherer was in La-Chaux-de-Fonds (NOT Grenchen, by the way) to be photographed in his newly updated driving gear, replete with the Eterna logo, wearing an Eterna KonTiki (which I would hope in all of the name that is good and correct WAS NOT one of the aforementioned bronze KonTikis).

A great deal of the press that circulated was about the importance of "timing".

I couldn't agree more...

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