Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Where Worlds Converge

Okay, a bit about me -

Yes, I work as a consultant in the watch industry.  Yes, I write for a few magazines as a freelancer.  Yes, I am even responsible for this little blog.

But two days a week I get to do something really fun - I get to teach!

I would like to introduce you to the graduates of the North Shore Community Action Program Career Pathways in Banking and Customer Service Class for 2017 (I'm the not-so-attractive guy in the middle).  Essentially, a class designed to help recent arrivals to the US improve their language and job finding skills so that they can join the work force in fields that will hopefully lead to better paying, more stable careers.

This is an 8 month program, and I am very proud to say that four of the students have already been placed in new jobs!

Now it is very important to understand that programs like this are incredibly dependent upon support from grants and donations.  And therefore I would like to personally thank the very wonderful folks at Frederique Constant who very kindly donated a watch for the North Shore Community Action Program's annual gala fundraiser & auction!

Courtesy of North Shore Community Action Programs
The event went a long way to raise much needed funding for our programs and I personally appreciate the kind donation!

Courtesy of North Shore Community Action Programs
So here's to a very successful year in the books, and looking forward to next year.  After all, you never know who might wander into your classroom -

Vila do Conde, Portugal  1995/1996  António Guterres then Prime Minister of Portugal, currently the Secretary General of the United Nations - again, I am the not-so-attractive guy in the foreground on the left.

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