Monday, June 5, 2017

Todd Snyder and Timex

Courtesy of Todd Snyder New York
Credit where credit is due, this Timex is the Shit that Killed Elvis!

Timex is not a brand that too many watch blogs are writing about, and that is sort of a shame.  Yes, it is an affordable quartz watch.  Yes, Timex makes A LOT of watches every year.  But that should not dissuade you from absolutely digging this!

Courtesy of Todd Snyder New York

This Timex is an exclusive item to Todd Snyder of New York, so if you like it, you'll need to hit them up -

Todd Snyder of New York

Here are the pertinents, straight from Tom Snyder of New York -


- Very Limited Quantity- Exclusive to Todd Snyder- 40mm face
- 50 Meter Water Resistance
- Quartz Movement

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