Monday, May 29, 2017

Thinking Tools

From Inventery -

Courtesy of Inventery

I am a sucker for a good tag line, and when I saw the words "Thinking Tools" used to describe pens and notebooks?  I had to see what it was all about!

Inventery is (as far as I understand it) a fairly new endeavor based in Los Angeles.  They offer an assortment of design forward products, but what first caught my eye was their pens -

Courtesy of Inventery

A bit of personal background here, in addition to the old man being a pen fanatic, I have come to use a pen and pad more and more over the past several months to ensure that:
A - I don't forget anything
B - I don't forget how to actually write ; )

Courtesy of Inventery
Anyway, back to the Inventery pens.  They are sleek and modern, and wisely provided with a very obtainable Schmidt P8126 "Capless" Rollerball cartridge.  Because let's face it, sooner or later you will need a replacement cartridge.
Courtesy of Inventery
The pen comes without a pocket clip, which is (at least in my opinion) sort of an interesting design touch. 

The pens are made of brass, and treated to achieve the final color and finish.  

Each pen is individually numbered, so you will always have the only one.

Courtesy of Inventery

Sales have been pretty brisk, so don't dawdle ; )

Retail = $90 US


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