Thursday, May 18, 2017


Now while some people inherit stately homes, some a title, some even inherit watch companies...

Some of us inherit some pens -

The old man loved pens.  And in particular, he REALLY loved Pelikan pens.  Interesting to relate, he had what could be considered a bit of a phobia about fountain pens.  He was convinced that his handwriting was too poor to make a fountain pen a viable option.  But that did not deter him from amassing well over 100 different Pelikan ball point and roller ball pens.  When Wendy and I cleared out his office, we found boxes and boxes of them squirreled away.  And in some instances we found several versions of the same limited edition - in other words he had forgotten that he already had them!

At any rate, they occupy my desk here at Tempus Fugit HQ as a daily reminder, and I have picked up the torch, with a few fountain pens of my own -

At any rate, enjoy your pens and your watches ; )

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