Friday, May 19, 2017

A Lot of Watch for a Little Money

Laco is well known for their pilot's watches.  And that is understandable owing to a long tradition and a solid collection of fliegers flying to customers around the world.


Not all of us dream of being bi-plane pilots ; )

Cottbus 40

Courtesy of Laco
These are just three of the Classics collection.  It is a pretty simple, and pretty clever idea.  Offer a beautifully simple and, yes, classic design in different options and do it at a reasonable and accessible price.

Chemnitz 40

Courtesy of Laco
These particular pieces are 40 mm in diameter and the cases are stainless steel.

Halle 40

Courtesy of Laco
The movements are self-winding from Miyota.  And the price?   
€ 398,00!!!


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