Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Transfer Window Opens -

At Zenith.  Apparently Mr. Biver didn't get the news that I was on vacation this week ; )

But in the words of that other great commentator of the watch industry - Gunny Highway (Clint Eastwood) in Heartbreak Ridge:

"We improvise, we adapt, we overcome!" 

So when the carrier pigeon arrived here in Quebec with the news, I figured I'd better take a quick break from my break and help, well, break the news.

You have likely read it elsewhere already, but the new tooshy in the hot-seat belongs to Julien Tornare.  Mr. Tornare, a Vacheron loyalist, has been announced as the new helmsman for Zenith.  I have reached out to the folks in Le Locle to hopefully get some more in-depth info, and will report it as I receive it.

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