Monday, April 10, 2017

The Other Big Night at BaselWorld - Wine & Time!

So, small confession to make.  I was one of the five co-conspirators responsible for the Wine & Time pop-up event on Friday night in Basel.  

This was in many ways a first of its kind.  Rod, myself, Nas, Martin and Jonathan joined together to create a unique event where new, small, independent and emerging watch brands could come together in a private location, and share their watches with the press (print and digital), retailers & distributors, and private collectors & customers. 

The logic was fairly simple - for better or worse BaselWorld has grown into a very, very expensive proposition for watch brands.  It is not an accident that 200 brands (and that is the officially reported number) opted to give it a miss this year.  Our feeling was (and still is) that there are a lot of interesting brands out there that both the press and the distribution networks would like to hear about.  And so Wine & Time was born.

The idea started out reasonably enough.  We figured maybe 10 brands, 20 or so press folks, and maybe 10 - 15 retailers and collectors.  So maybe 50 people or so.  And, well, let's just say that the demand very quickly outstripped the space!

It was a unique opportunity for collectors and fans to meet the brand owners, see the watches, chat informally with some of us "alleged" experts, and enjoy a glass (or three) of great wine.

So did we have brands?  22 of them.

Okay, but probably no journalists, right?
a few less than 50.  

We actually had to close access to any further press folks 72 hours prior to the event, because as word got around, people were coming out of the woodwork.

And about the collectors, retailers and others?
Well, there were 122 attendees, I'll let you do the math ; )

Brands were encouraged to sell direct to any potential customers, and let's just say that several brand owners left with more money in their PayPal accounts than they came in with!

It was a unique event in that it wasn't the typical "brand dinner" that you go to, sit stiffly at a table and make awkward small talk.  It was
wide-open and friendly, and needless to say, we'll be doing it again!

So on behalf of my partners in crime, I'd like to thank all of the brands, suppliers, journalists, retailers, distributors and the collectors and fans!  It was a great night, and we can't wait until next year!

 We'll see you next year!

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  1. Great event, lets do this again and since the wine being served was also exceptionally good I assume next time it might get even more crowded.