Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Harrier 367

From Techné

Courtesy of Techné
I have not yet had the opportunity to test a Techné but I have to say that for the money, they appear to be a pretty great value.  The watch pictured above is the Harrier 367.  In superficial terms?  It's an extremely good looking watch!  

But beauty is often more than skin deep, and in the case of the Harrier 57 that is indeed true.  

The case measures 41 mm in diameter, and is finished in what appears to be a black PVD.  The movement is quartz offering what appears to be a bit less than four years of battery life.  This is not a little bijoux for the wrist. This is a watch to keep the time during your adventures.  Be they to the North Pole, or the North Shore ; )

One key characteristic pointed out by the manufacturer, is that
it will continue to perform in temperature range -5 C° < +50 C°!  This is a lot of watch, for not a lot of money -  

$300 US!

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