Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Fastback

From Gorilla!

Courtesy of Gorilla
So after you've collectively worked for Omega, Audemars Piguet and IWC among others, what's the next logical step?  You create a brand new watch brand called Gorilla, of course!

Courtesy of Gorilla
I got to spend some time with the two men behind Gorilla, Lukas Gopp and Octavio Garcia during this year's Wine & Time event and then later during my "office hours" at the Ramada.  And they are both very interesting guys with impeccable backgrounds.  But I'm going to swim against the stream and focus on the watch itself.  

I think the first thing that truly struck me was the way that the different materials used for the case truly complemented each other.  All too often, brands both mighty and small spit out watches with cases that look more like the result of a fifth grade art class than an actual design.  Not so with the Gorilla Fastback.

Courtesy of Gorilla

I draw your attention to the layered effect of the case (above). The base of the case is titanium, upon which the main portion of the case (carbon) is anchored.  And that would have been sufficient.  But the Fastback's design was informed by childhoods spent working on cars and descending alpine passes on sleek road bicycles, so a few wonderfully fun but appropriate design elements were added.  The red layer is, in fact, anodized aluminum and is described as a charter line or "pinstripe".  It doesn't need to be there, but it looks REALLY cool and sets off both the carbon of the main case below it, and the ceramic bezel above it.  And while another brand might have looked for a matching crown, I really applaud the use of a bright titanium crown.  It stands out, but for the right reasons.

Courtesy of Gorilla
While the case design is a departure, Gorilla didn't stop there.  The dial and hands are a visual treat.  The dial is described as "multilayer", and it does display a true sense of depth and texture.  The time is told by integrating an hour disc with the more traditional minute and second hand.  

Courtesy of Gorilla
I think more than anything else, I truly appreciate the lack of pretension shown by the two gentlemen behind Gorilla.  BaselWorld is overpopulated by egos poured into suits droning on as if it was 10 years ago.  Spoiler alert, it's 2017 and things have changed, and the good old days are not showing any signs of a speedy return.  The future of the watch industry is not going to be shaped by the same aging guys hanging onto the glory days of the past while they drink the night away in the 3 Kings, regaling anyone within earshot about who they were and what they did.  No, the future is going to be driven by people like Messrs. Garcia and Gopp.  People who are focused on a truly unique design and identity, willing to put their idea out there, and offer a truly desirable watch at a realistic price.  No celebrity ambassadors, no red carpets, no bullshit.  Just a cool watch.

Here are the pertinents, straight from the source -


LAYERED CASE CONSTRUCTION: forged carbon case, anodised aluminium character line or “pinstripe”, ceramic bezel, titanium screw down-crown, titanium caseback.

MULTILAYER DIAL: unique hour disc, skeleton minute hand and contrasting old school automotive inspired typeface design, central dial segment with circular graining pattern, luminescent hands and numerals.

TECHNICAL INFORMATION: 110 Grams with strap and buckle, case diameter bezel 44mm, 48.5mm with crown protection, self-winding Miyota 8215, recto/verso AR sapphire crystal,
100 meters (10ATM) water resistant

COMMERCIAL INFORMATION: first 500 pieces will be numbered (NOT LIMITED, but identified as the very first
production pieces), delivered with an additional integrated rubber strap. Price 880$ (excl. Tax)


  1. I agree... it´s an awesome watch. I enjoy my Fastback everyday.

  2. I agree... No bullshit! it´s an awesome watch! I enjoy my Fastback everyday.