Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Catalyst

As Klokers has demonstrated this past year, watches can and should be fun!  And fear not, a nice long, photo-packed (decent photos, I promise) story is coming your way in a mere matter of hours!  But I was reminded of a conversation I had with a watch writer I greatly admire (Robert-Jan Broer) at a BaselWorld maybe four or five years ago regarding why we write about what we write about, why some outlets are better than others, what really makes the writer "tick".  Per Robert-Jan - "...remembering what was the catalyst, what pulled the trigger for you as a writer".

And this BaselWorld with all its shortcomings, missteps and bungled opportunities?  It did quite a bit to refresh my attitude about watches, the people who make them, and those of us who cover them.  So it was on Saturday evening that rather than go to yet another goofy "cocktail" at a brand booth (i.e. a large group of writers, retailers and others drawn like moths to a flame by the promise of free prosecco and finger food, I found myself hanging out and chatting with the folks from Besançon, checking out the collection.  And it reminded me of what got me into this whole thing in the first place ; )

So in that spirit, here is a fun piece from Lip, the Mythic Classic, also known as the Classic 671140 -

Courtesy of Lip

It is resolutely design forward, and whimsical at the same time.  And like the wonderful new offerings from Klokers, it requires you to realign your perspective a bit in how you view the time.  And after a BaselWorld that has been described by 2 friends of mine as being similar to an unfulfilled romantic evening - Long and Quiet, maybe watches like this are just the tonic to help us get our passion back!

The case measures 35 mm by 35 mm and is crafted of silver brushed stainless steel, so in this instance it would seem that it is indeed hip to be square.  The movement is Miyota's 2034 and the strap is of leather. 

Priced at 179,00 €, this is a lot of watch fun for not too much money.

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