Saturday, April 15, 2017

A Kickstarter Project for Auguste Reymond

Okay, it has been mentioned here before, but I want to clearly state this so that there can be no grey area or misunderstanding.

I, James Henderson, have represented Auguste Reymond watches in North America since last March (2016).  As I have stated in the past, owing to this relationship, I will only write basic, "these are the facts" pieces about Auguste Reymond.  I want to be 100% transparent about this relationship, and I want to be 100% clear that these two parts of my horologic life are, and will remain, separate. 

So, this is a JUST THE FACTS type of post:

Auguste Reymond is conducting a Kickstarter campaign.  The intention is to give customers the opportunity to purchase certain pieces in the Auguste Reymond collection at up to 50% off of the suggested retail price.  If you want to check out the campaign, your can find the information here:

Auguste Reymond Kickstarter


I am neither encouraging, or discouraging you to check it out.  I am merely conveying the information.  

BUT, owing to my relationship with Auguste Reymond, this is ALL that I will say about them here on Tempus Fugit.

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