Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Shit That Killed Elvis!

From NOMOS -

Courtesy of NOMOS
NOMOS has a way of constantly drawing me back, and one of their latest offerings, the Club Campus 36.
Courtesy of NOMOS
While two years ago the "BaselWorld Trend" was for bloggers with beards like untrimmed hedges, the trend this year is clearly for smaller, more reasonable watches.  And the Club Campus 36 is by far and away my favorite BaselWorld watch so far this year.

36 mm is, believe it or not, quite sizable.  The dial is a unique take on the so-called California dial.  On a typical version, the Romans are in the "northern portion" and the "numbers" are to the south.  But at NOMOS they like to do things a wee bit differently.

The movement is my personal favorite - the Alpha.  I am a sucker for a hand wound movement I guess ; )

I hope to go more in depth with this little bijoux if and when a review becomes possible, but for now, I think I might have found the watch of the fair!

But tomorrow is another day...

Enjoy your watches!

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