Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Icarus


Courtesy of RÖNKKÖ
This is the latest offering from Antti Rönkkö, who plies his trade in Finland.  

Courtesy of RÖNKKÖ
The Icarus features what is described as a Bi-Hemispheric Moon Complication.  Essentially, the moon phases of both the Northern and Southern hemispheres are displayed.

Courtesy of RÖNKKÖ
But there is a further artistic flourish.  The rotating disc that displays the phases of the moon's travels also displays something else.  In Rönkkö's own words -

Courtesy of RÖNKKÖ

The position of the moon and its phases are opposite on both sides of the planet earth. That´s the reason Icarus features a display that allows to see the position of the moon in the northern (on the top half of the dial) and southern (on the bottom half of the dial) hemispheres. Rönkkö´s In-house complication features two multifaceted 10,5 mm Icarus moon talismans, displayed in an arched aperture that runs on the entire upper and lower half of the dial. The moon disc is engraved with precise constellations, North Star Polaris being the pole in the center of the dial, as seen in the night sky.

Pretty cool!

Courtesy of RÖNKKÖ
Here are the pertinents, straight from the source -

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION – Silver Sky Edition of 10

•  In-house Bi-hemispheric Moon Complication indicating the full moon with hours and minutes at Northern and Southern hemisphere of the planet.
•  Customised Swiss Soprod A10 movement
•  Automatic wind
•  42 h power reserve
•  28 800 vibrations per hour (4 Hz)
•  25 jewels
•  Movement diameter 25,6 mm
•  Two Icarus talismans, made of electrum (ancient alloy of gold & silver) in dial. One talisman (stainless steel) in free-rotation at the middle of the labyrinthine rotor (rotor mass: 18 kt white gold) in an open case back
•  Finishing of the movement: bottom side circular graining (perlage)

•  Rönkkö case design - diameter 42 mm and height 11.75 mm
•  Hand finished stainless steel 316L case
with satin finished surfaces and polished edges
•  Dial side and back side straight sapphire crystal (with anti reflexive coating underside of crystal)
•  Stainless steel crown with Rönkkö ® -signage
•  Water-resistant to  3 ATM
•  Skeleton index with hours and minutes
•  Rotating ornamental bi-hemispheric moon calendar with two Icarus moon phase talismans with luminous constellations
•  Two full moon Icarus talismans made of electrum (ancient alloy of gold & silver)
•  Hands made from stainless steel with Swiss Super Luminova 

•  Stainless steel buckle with mirror polished surfaces
•  Genuine matte black alligator strap, embossed Rönkkö -signage



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