Sunday, March 26, 2017

Just When You Thought It Was Safe...

to look at the export numbers again...

Courtesy of the FH
Talk about a kick in the dick.  These are the latest figures courtesy of the FH, and despite the codswallop the BaselWorld Fair organizers would like to shovel down your throats, the future's so bright you have to ... wear a raincoat and carry an umbrella.  We are now truly south of -10%!

And this is truly tough for watch executives who are unfamiliar with the philosophies of failure -

So being charitable, that is only a 4% decrease since last year...

But, and it's a big but, so let me tell you about my big but...

This is a SHIT-TON of money.  And  this is just not the Hayek's money, not just Biver's money, not just Rupert's money... this is a family's money, a teacher's retirement pension fund's money.  In other words?  People who deserve a bit more attention and care rather than another America's Cup sponsorship!

You know that watch maker who didn't start his own brand?  Right now he and his family are eating cup noodle because, well, apparently millions of dollars flushed down the sink-hole of vanity was a much better investment than salaries.  And why hold the CEO accountable when it is easier to make staff redundant?

In a way, it is strangely appropriate that this result came out mid-BaselWorld.  A BaselWorld that many of us have named Denial 2.0

So, I am sorry to be one of the few dissenting voices.  But all is not well.

So let's hope that this is the bottom, but I fear it is not.  So maybe stop the bullshit, and start dealing with the problems.

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