Thursday, March 16, 2017


A press embargo, by simple definition, is the request of a news source or agency that all information communicated about the news item they have provided not be disseminated by the fourth and fifth estates until after the agreed upon time and date has arrived.  

Generally, in most journalistic pursuits, those reporting the news can be trusted to follow these pretty simple requests from the people they depend upon to provide the news items.  


There still seem to be a few watch news outlets that continually sneak ahead of everyone else despite the press embargoes imposed by the brands and pr agencies supplying the info.  

Why would they do this?

Well we are left to draw 2 conclusions:

1.  By sneaking ahead, they give the illusion that they somehow have an "exclusive" or early take on this information and therefore they are the outlet you should follow.

2.  They have difficulty reading, telling the time, and differentiating days of the month.

Either way...

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