Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Airport...

So I was sitting in the Ramada, getting ready to say my farewells, head to my hotel and get my bags packed for an EARLY departure on Tuesday.

And then my phone rang.  And my friends Rod Hess and Martin Schneider were on the line asking me if I had a moment to meet someone with an interesting story to tell.  Now truth be told, I was fantasizing about getting back to my room, having a shower (important side note about BaselWorld, you start the day clean and fresh as a daisy, you end it smelling like your own butt), and having the type of dinner that does not require you to consume it standing up while watching your bags to prevent potential theft...

But as I have learned over the years, when Martin and Rod are on the line, you stop what you're doing and take the call!

And while I realize this might have been covered by other outlets, I have to be completely honest that although I was, indeed, familiar with the name Guinand, I was not even remotely aware of the history and what they've been doing.  And as there is a LOT to tell, I need to give fair warning that this is just part 1 -

Courtesy of Guinand

So the first thing to bear in mind is that Guinand started out life as a Swiss brand.  And in fairness, it is not so hard to believe that a Swiss brand would relocate to Germany (or vice-versa). but this is a tale closely tied to another German watch brand that you might have heard of - Sinn.

Courtesy of Guinand

As with many stories in the watch business, it is filled with twists and turns, triumphs and near catastrophes, and ultimately a hero riding in to save the day!

Courtesy of Guimand
Got your attention?

Good, tune in tomorrow!

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