Wednesday, February 1, 2017

You've Changed Man! It Used to be About the Watches!

Stop the press!  A handful of famous actors wore Carl F. Bucherer watches at a Hollywood premier and there's a REAL picture with REAL Hollywood stars posing with a a REAL Swiss watch brand CEO...

Courtesy of Carl F. Bucherer

Now in the interest of transparency - I really, really enjoyed the first John Wick movie.  It was clever, well imagined, and full of action packed scenes.  I also confess that I find the star, Keanu Reeves a particularly fascinating person.  His project to make motorcycles for example?

Super-duper cool!

Having said that...

Carl F. Bucherer is a watch brand.  Or at least this is what I have been led to understand.  I know that it is a fun and heady experience to rub shoulders with famous people.  I also know that there is an unwavering belief in some corners of marketing departments of Switzerland that if you are a sponsor in a movie and get your watches on the star then the cash registers will magically start to ring.


Partnerships are more often than not based more on what the CEO or the head of PR or marketing finds interesting and exciting.  The reason why some sponsorships seem like odd mixes between a brand and a celebrity/team/event?  It's invariably because the shot-caller for the brand was enamored with that particular celebrity/team/event.

Let's hope that I am wrong about this one.  I really liked the first John Wick movie.  And no, I'm not running out to buy a Bucherer watch based on that.  Now if Keanu Reeves became a spokesperson / celebrity ambassador and they targeted a charity to benefit?  Yeah, then I'd be interested ; )

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