Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Boston

From Vortic -

Courtesy of Vortic
As I have now relocated to just north of Boston, it seemed fitting to turn to a Boston model from Vortic.

Here are the pertinents -

Watch Features:

This watch features a water-resistant, titanium 3D printed case with a raw, matte finish. The colonial-sized movement correlates to Vortic's 46mm case diameter and the mechanics of the movement are visible through the Gorilla Glass crystal of the exhibition style, stainless steel back. The open face configuration movement places the small seconds at 6 O'clock with the crown at 12 O'clock.
The original, blued steel, "kite" style hands point to an excellent condition metal dial with raised gold numerals. This watch is especially unique due to its digital seconds readout. Instead of a normal small seconds dial and hands, the main dial has a window showing a spinning seconds dial moving at the pace of a normal seconds hand. This is called a digital seconds readout, and it is fairly rare among pocket watches.
Watch Specs
Manufacturer:  Vortic Watch Company
Production Year:  2017
Warranty:  Vortic 2-Year Revolving Warranty
Serial:  2WO1217032
  • Diameter = 46mm
  • Height = 12mm
  • Lug-to-Lug = 53mm
  • Lugs = 22mm
Case Finish:  Raw Titanium
Crown/Hardware:  Round, Nickel
Crown Location:  12 O'clock
Water Resistance:  1 ATM
Crystals:  Anti-Fingerprint Gorilla Glass
Case Back:  Exhibition, Stainless Steel
Hands:  Original Blued Steel, Kite
Strap:  Leather, Tan

Movement Features:

1931 Waltham Digital No. 1235

Originally produced by the Waltham Watch Company in 1931, this "No. 1235" grade movement is actually a colonial-sized movement making it slightly wider and thinner than an average 12 size movement. The Colonial sizes would eventually claim the title of thinnest production movement in the United States with later models. This particular movement is set up for a digital seconds readout making it relatively difficult to find.
From a Waltham advertisement: "Accuracy in time-keeping is obtained in no other way than from extreme accuracy in the manufacture of each separate part. [Colonial sizes are] extremely thin at no sacrifice of accuracy."
The movement has nickel plated bridges and main plate decorated with elegant damascening and circular graining, a fully jeweled gear train (17 jewels) with gold jewel settings, adjustment to positions, and an iconic Waltham split-plate design.
Movement Specs
Original Manufacturer:  Waltham Watch Co.
Estimated Production Year:  1932
Serial:  27320660
Grade:  No. 1235
Jewels:  17j
Size:  Colonial
Run Quantity:  2999
Total Production Volume:  81499
Function:  Manual Wind
Power Reserve:  36-42hrs
Finish:  Nickel
Decoration:  Damascening, Circular Graining, Gold Jewel Settings
Performance:  Adjustment for positions

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