Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Associate Editor

Those of you who follow me or Tempus Fugit on social media will be familiar with the Associate Editor, Celeste -

They say that writing is a lonely pursuit, but the help and assistance of a faithful friend made it much easier.  Celeste (Helmi) Henderson was adopted by us when we lived in Helsinki.  It was December 27th 1998 when we went to the animal rescue shelter and as I walked past her cage, she reached out a paw and tapped my shoulder.  In many ways she chose me as much as we chose her.

Pretty much every morning, she has hopped up on the desk, walked over the keyboard and given her input to Tempus Fugit.

Time really does fly, and none of us (or our pets and friends) can buy more of it, and it was time for the Associate Editor to move on to her next assignment a few days ago, 19 years is indeed a long time.

And if I had any doubt as to what aspect of Tempus Fugit people really followed on social media, all doubts were erased by some of the messages I have received over the past few days, and I thought I would share one that came from the Editor of Watchuseek this morning -

So my very sincere thanks to Michael Weare of Watchuseek, and while time does indeed fly, be sure to spend some of it with friends and family - both the human and the fury ; )

Tempus Fugit

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