Wednesday, January 11, 2017

You Should Want Our Watch, Because You're NOT Special


A famous actor who you will never meet, who makes more money than you ever will, is wearing a watch that you will never own, at an event that you will NEVER ATTEND! Sort of nice when a brand makes luxury watches more "accessible" through communication ; )

At a cost of mere thousands, a watch brand has once again taken pains to remind you that YOU, the customer, are pretty damn insignificant.

No, you will likely never attend an awards show and walk the red carpet.  No, you will not have intimate relations with super-models.  No, your life is pretty depressing and ordinary.

But hey!  Good news!  Famous Actor/Actress X wore our watch on the red carpet!  So why don't you go max out that credit card and validate yourself!

Watch brands - MARKET TO US, NOT AT US.

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