Thursday, January 26, 2017

What if We Sliced the Bread Before We Sold it?

The smart/connected watch revolution that everyone was talking about?  The one that was supposed to threaten Rolex?  The one that sent Tag-Heuer to a deep, dark world of "alternative facts"?  Watch fan or no, the very honest answer is that the revolution went the way of other failed uprisings.  And although the agitators were not marched off to the stockades, the soft sales results underscored the reality that although the world was ready for a connected / smart watch it was not totally satisfied with what was on offer.

The Apple and Samsung watches are basically tamagotchis for the wrist.  A cute toy that needs your love and attention (and a frequent recharging) to remain alive.

The Frederique Constant, Alpina and Mondaine are very expensive (and as Mass Drop and Touch of Modern proved to us) very over-priced connected watches with functions not beyond what you would find in a Fit Bit.

And then Kronaby came along -

Courtesy of Kronaby
I was fortunate enough to attend the Kronaby launch this evening in Malmo, Sweden.  And suffice it to say, the connected watch revolution has now officially started in earnest.  Because Kronaby has come up with a connected watch that is actually smart.

Offered in four different versions, Kronaby has come up with a connected watch that actually allows and enables you to somewhat disconnect yourself from your phone and all of life's distractions while ensuring that you stay connected to the things that are important to you.

And there are some pretty striking options.  And I PROMISE that I'll go into all sorts of detail over the coming days, but for now I thought it might be worth going into the features that are under the hood -

Auto Time Zone – Always on time
No matter how many time zones the watch crosses, it automatically displays the local time accurately.
Silent Alarm – A gentle wake-up call
By switching on the silent alarm, the watch’s soundless vibrations will only wake the user, letting those around carry on snoozing.

Filtered Notifications – Never miss what matters
There is a fine line between staying connected and being distracted. That is why Kronaby lets users choose to be notified only by the people they care most about.

Battery life – Never Charge
With a standard battery that lasts up to two-years (depending on use), users will never again have to put their life on hold while searching for an outlet to recharge.

Get Moving – Take a stand
Get up and get moving – there is increasing evidence that we need to spend less time sitting to maintain a healthy physique. Kronaby can send a gentle reminder when the user has been inactive for too long.

Additional Time Zone – In sync with the world
Kronaby keeps users continuously connected with the outside world by letting them select an additional time zone to be displayed on the watch face.

Date – Stay up-to-date
Knowing the current date is a fundamental piece of information that is readily available through the push of a button.

Daily Hundred – Every step counts
Statistics show that activity is key for a healthier life. Kronaby users can set a step goal and track progress daily.

Timer – Keeping count
Proper time management is hard to achieve without the right tools. A timer allows users to box chores and find their focus.

Camera Remote – Picture perfect
The built-in camera remote lets users switch places, from always being the person behind the camera to sharing the moment with friends in front of it.

Remember This Spot – You were here
Part of living is trying new things and experiencing unfamiliar places. To make sure to find the way back, users can press the Geo Tag button.

Find Phone – Never lost again
Busy days make us all forget and misplace things. The clever pusher trigger on the watch reveals the phone’s whereabouts.

Walk Me Home – Feel safe 24/7
Being free to move around safely should be everyone’s prerogative. The push of a button sends a signal to a loved one, letting them respond and follow the user every step. It’s like having someone walk you home, but from a distance.

Reject Call – Decline with a tap
In our connected world, prioritizing incoming phone calls is an inevitable modern-day nuisance. Kronaby just made it less of a hassle through the Decline Call button on the wrist.

Music Control – Immediate tunes
Kronaby give users instant access to their favorite music, whenever and wherever they want by Press Play.

And here's the thing - YOU DECIDE which features YOU WANT!  Moreover, if/when new features are available, you don't need to bring your watch in for an upgrade!  Just as you update the apps on your phone, you update the features on your Kronaby!

I am seldom one go gush and lavish praise, and this might well be an exception.  Up until now, smart watches have been pretty dumb. Up until now.

The revolution has truly begun.  Long live the revolution!

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