Tuesday, January 3, 2017

To Be Confirmed...

but it has been mentioned online at Watch U Seek and Business Montres, and spoken about by now hundreds, it seems that Aldo Magada has resigned his position as the head of Zenith.  What the motivations might have been are, of course subject to speculation.  And to repeat, this is news that is yet unconfirmed.  But if the buzz is to be believed, it will be none other than Jean-Claude Biver stepping into the breach and become the shot-caller at Zenith.

In recent times, Zenith has been the red-headed step child of LVMH.  There really is no other way to put it.  Beautiful products, rudderless direction.  A lot of potential, but not a lot of attention paid.

This is the brand that has given us the El Primero and the Elite.  They provided movements to Rolex, Ebel, Concord and others.  And it is said when people lose their jobs be it by their own choice or the invisible push.  But Zenith has a ton of potential.  Let's hope that some of it can be realized.

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