Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Transfer Window Opens - and the Sapphire Crystal Ceiling is Broken!

As my Great Grandfather (Big) Jim Henderson said once or twice - It's a pretty bad wind that doesn't blow someone some good.  Yes, four well-paid, well-fed white men have lost their jobs.  And given the fact that many former lower level employees of these companies have bigger problems than having to postpone the redecorating of their vacation villas, not tons of tears are being shed.  Most of Richemont's brands have been sucking it for some time.  That's just the plain truth.

These changes had been in the wind for some time, and interesting to relate that two of these "retirees" are being kept on in some sort of sweetheart capacity to be "Non Executive Presidents" (sit in the corner, collect your paycheck).  I am sure that unemployed watch makers will feel all warm and fuzzy as they are out looking for new jobs and can't afford to do the normal things for their families.

But let's get back to the good news portion - in the wake of Messrs Cardinali, Torres, Riedo and Leopold-Metzger vacating their positions - someone decidedly NOT male is taking the wheel at Piaget -
Chabi Nouri will be assuming the lead role!

Courtesy of Piaget
And I will be really honest here - I sincerely hope she is wildly successful, and if so, that it will FINALLY usher in an era of women at the head of big brands. 

Let's hope so!

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